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Red Eyes? Dry Eyes Could Be to Blame!

Treatment for Red, Dry Eyes

Red eyes, often called “bloodshot eyes”, occur when the blood vessels in your eye become irritated or inflamed. This redness could be caused by any number of culprits, many of them harmless and some that require more immediate medical attention. Dry Eye Syndrome is one common cause for eye redness, especially in the cold winter months.

dry eye close upWhile dry eyes are not typically dangerous, they can be very irritating and disrupt your daily life. While they may not interfere with vision, red eyes are not particularly attractive – and are often associated with discomfort. At Lowy & Sewell Eye Care, we offer many remedies and strategies to help alleviate the symptoms of red, dry eyes. We’ll examine your eyes thoroughly in our Concord, ON, office to determine the problem leading to your red eyes – and we’ll recommend the most appropriate treatment.

If you take a look in the mirror and see that the whites of your eyes have turned pink or red, please contact us for an appointment. First, you’ll need a professional eye exam by our qualified eye doctors, Dr. Deborah Lowy or Dr. Jeremy Sewell, to rule out eye infection, complications of a serious eye condition, or eye injury.

If red eyes are due to dry eyes, these solutions may be helpful:

  1.    Remember to blink regularly, especially if you spend extended periods of time gazing at a computer screen. Blinking is the best way to naturally lubricate your eyes!
  2.    Install a humidifier in your home and office. By rehydrating the air around you, you’ll effectively decrease eye irritation and dryness.
  3.    Use lubricating eye drops and eyewashes, such as artificial tears. DO NOT use eye drops that are intended to “remove redness” by reducing swelling of your blood vessels. Repeated use of these types of drops will actually make your red eyes worse, as they can cause a rebound effect. (In general, it’s advised to say clear of constantly applying eye drops that contain tetrahydrozoline or naphazoline.)
  4.    Wear sunglasses with UV protection to block your dry eyes from wind, cold air and sunlight. All of these elements can dry out eyes and cause redness.
  5.    Cigarette smoke can further irritate dry eyes and cause redness. If you’re a smoker, it’s time to quit – and try to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke.

Remember- red or pink eyes can be the result of many different eye conditions. A thorough eye exam is the only way to receive a diagnosis of what’s causing your irritation. Contact us at Lowy & Sewell to schedule an eye exam and receive treatment in our Concord clinic.